Empire: Under Siege

The distress beacon covered the escape of several prominent Imperials, including the man who concocted the scheme, a general named Weiss. While Rebel spies scour the galaxy in search of any information about this man, other efforts to slow the Empire’s recovery in the aftermath of the Battle of Yavin continue… Trandoshan Gambit My facility is … More Empire: Under Siege

Empire: Brace for Impact

A choppy static-filled communication comes in from a group of troopers sent to steal classified data at an Imperial facility. They frantically relay that their intelligence was faulty. There were more defenses than accounted for, and they need assistance completing their mission before their barricade is overrun. Download the data? You and what reinforcements? The Rebel Troopers … More Empire: Brace for Impact

Empire: Aftermath

As the scattered fragments of the battle station rain down upon the Rebel base on Yavin 4, the Empire sets in motion a plan to seek retribution against Rebel Forces stationed on the small moon. Not long after, when an Imperial beacon begins to broadcast from an outpost some distance away from the Rebel base, … More Empire: Aftermath