Do I Have Line of Sight?

Imperial Assault Campaign Stories



The Empire: The Dark Lord is new in his role at the forefront of the empire. His difficult and long struggle for control has left him power crazy and deeply dependent on rules and regulations. Once he ousted his old master, he cemented his role as the commander of the Empire which has resulted in an even deeper self-delusion of flawlessness. His strategic intent is clear, to strike down the Rebel Alliance through Technological Superiority and brute force.


Jyn Odan – Jyn is a veteran rebel, having joined the side early on. Her loyalty to the rebel cause and her team in particular is undying, and in the face of such hope the dark side stands little chance. Not only is she quick with her weapon, but she is self-sacrificing and generous too.

Diala Passil – Like all jedis, Diala has felt the draw of the dark side of the force, but wholeheartedly fights for the victory of the rebellion. She has seen what the dark side can do, and desperately wants to save the galaxy form the demise that would come with Empire rule.

Mak Eshka’rey – Like Jyn, Mak has been around for a while. With his cunning plans and quiet nature he manages to evade the Empire time after time. He has strategy and combat knowledge, and doesn’t hesitate to go all in when needed.

Gaarkhan – Wookie loyalty is what often holds this team together. Gaarkhan may have joined the team recently, but fits in like a natural. His exceptional ability to read situations and strategize is key, but most often the result of a long debate is “Charge in, and wreck things up”. Let’s see if the Empire will let the wookie win…