Empire: Under Siege

The distress beacon covered the escape of several prominent Imperials, including the man who concocted the scheme, a general named Weiss.
While Rebel spies scour the galaxy in search of any information about this man, other efforts to slow the Empire’s recovery in the aftermath of the Battle of Yavin continue…

Trandoshan Gambit

My facility is overrun. But as the response team re-groups I have faith that we can deal with these rebel scum quickly and get back to guarding the research lab. “Be swift, enter the building and secure it” my order crackles to the Imperial officer in the swamp just outside the entrance. Along with an E-Web Engineer and a Stormtrooper team they are the only troops that could react to the distress signal quickly enough. The officer turns to the troopers indicating the two exterior doors to the site which the rebels have hacked into. “Just use your blasters and they should –“. The troopers recoil in shock as a loud wookie war-cry pierces the forest air. The officer turns, bewildered, but before he can utter another word his torso collapses in two parts as a shiny axe slices through his uniform.

The beast growls in satisfaction and runs back into the facility before the troopers can get a shot off.

We don’t get paid enough for this; if I see that wookie again I’m running straight to the forest!” moans one of the Stormtroopers. “And have Vader choke you to death for disobeying an order? Come on, let’s get that door opened.” shouts the other. The troopers position themselves around the door, but they are shaken and cannot damage the console sufficiently. As the Engineer repositions his weapon onto the door, two blaster bolts in quick succession hit the trooper next to him. Must be that sneaky Bothan! None of the troopers can even see where he was shooting from. While they tend to the wounds more blaster fire comes from the compound and two of the troopers fall over dead. Finally, the E-Web gets his gun ready and blows the door open with a few well-placed shots. There they are, Mak and Gaarkhan – infamous by now for their infiltration of my two other facilities. Hairy scum. But where are their partners… probably scouring the building for any useful gadgets. Another blast from nowhere surprises the Engineer, and as he attempts to leap out of the way the bolt catches him and he rolls over, motionless. The last trooper stays strong and heads towards the door when finally, behind him, some reinforcements arrive! Another Stormtrooper and two Royal Guards, looking fierce as always. Experimental force pikes in hand, they run up next to the Stormtrooper by the door. Good move. These tall quiet warriors are always an inspiration to the troops. Peeking around the corner, the two troopers manage to inflict some good damage on Jyn, who finally shows her smug face. They are weary of the wookie’s rage and don’t get too close. My fearless guards advance towards him though and while he doesn’t seem to suffer too harsh an injury, his fur cannot resist the electric shock; they leave him stunned in the hallway.


Behind him they spot the Jedi. I decide the time is right for a little explosive surprise. A beeping sequence can be heard from the interior door and the Guards kneel down to protect themselves. Mak and Diala are not quite so quick and the blast from the thermal detonator on the door leaves both with severe shrapnel wounds. What will they do now I wonder? Give up their defensive position in the western room, or continue to attack and thin my forces? The answer presents itself as Jyn heads over to Gaarkhan and patches both her own and his injuries. A well-placed bacta injection later and some fearsome growling signals the wookie is back on his feet. Jyn uses her position to finish off one of the Guardians, “Sentinel down” the other speaks monotonously into the comlink. Taking advantage of Jyn’s move, the surviving Stormtrooper by the door heads into the western room and manages to revert the turrets and controls back to their default settings – success! They won’t hold this facility much longer!

As the rebels rest, my advanced Probe Droid makes its way into the compound – that software upgrade is really paying its dividends now as it manages to get completely into the heart of the facility. Its target is equally slippery though, and Mak disengages at the last second.

His heroics fall short though, as the powerful blaster and targeting computer leave a severe wound in his shoulder and thigh.

As he lies on the ground the Bothan angrily returns fire towards the droid and skilfully shoots it square in the optical lens. More shrapnel to clean up later…

We have breached the exssssssterior tunnel Commander.” whispers one of my Trandoshans over the comlink. Good, good, they should be inside soon. The rebels won’t know what hit them. “We can see the facility” a clear voice speaks on the radio. “Proceed to secure the final rooms and take these Rebels out!” I shout at the veteran Stormtrooper who just arrived at the swamp. His unit moves swiftly into position around the main corridor and through their excellent squad training they are able to leave the wookie with a few more holes than he had before. Their confidence doesn’t last long as Gaarkhan’s scream of rage indicates he is focused on killing something. But the rebels must be cautious now, there are more and more troops coming in and they will not be able to hold the base much more. Why are they even here I wonder… there is no sensitive information in any of the terminals. No time to ponder, I must re-establish Imperial control here as soon as possible.

We are insssssside” can be heard over the static of the comlink. From just behind Mak two green figures emerge out of the janitorial cupboard, they drop their tools and immediately head into the fray. “Kill the Jedi!” – “Yessss commander” The Hunters find Diala cowering in a corner and as they raise their scatterguns to her face, she knows there is no force in the world that can prevent the attack. As she lays bleeding on the ground, Jyn manages to take down the last Royal Guard before he secures the southern room and roughs up the lizard hunter with another shot to the leg. The rebel’s morale is low, and all four heroes watch painfully as a lone trooper sprints past them into the furthest room. All he finds there is a wounded Mak, who doesn’t manage to prevent him from overriding the controls. Just two more rooms to go before the facility is in our hands. I receive a call from Ltt. Gerrin in the nearby research lab. He informs me of a security breach and a loss of sensitive information. His useless troops have even managed to lose sight of the rebel infiltrators. Fantastic…“Commander, why has this facility not been reclaimed yet?” an all too familiar voice is crystal clear and emotionless in my ear. “The troops are doing their best Lord Vader…

I see him now, striding through the fallen troopers by the entrance, he has come to finish the job.


I sigh in disappointment and order the probe droid nearby to scan Vader’s arm and interface with his onboard computer. That should make his attacks even more powerful, it’s the least I can do. The heroes’ hope is now fully vanquished, they know they cannot hold this building any longer. My Stormtroopers continue to fire but seem to fear Vader’s wrath as they are unable to hit Jyn with a single shot. “Attack the wookie!” I shout through the comlink. Jyn rests and patches herself up, but as she looks up, the dark tall figure is just next to her. Vader faces away though, also recognising that the wookie is the easier target for his lightsabre. Gaarkhan raises his vibro-axe but the Dark Lord’s power is immense. The cut is deep and instant. Gaarkhan falls to the ground. Up above, a rebel cruiser can be heard and suddenly a shock blast rocks the room. As the dust and smoke clear, we see a hole in the wall leading into the forest. The heroes have managed to escape, the facility is back in our hands, but at what price…


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