Empire: Aftermath

As the scattered fragments of the battle station rain down upon the Rebel base on Yavin 4, the Empire sets in motion a plan to seek retribution against Rebel Forces stationed on the small moon. Not long after, when an Imperial beacon begins to broadcast from an outpost some distance away from the Rebel base, a small team of elite operatives is dispatched; their mission: to silence the signal at all costs….

Luck and Chaos, a terminal’s downfall

“They are here, take cover!” the officer shouts at the nearby Stormtroopers. “Commander, your orders?” his voice trembling slightly over the comlink. “Slow their approach, sacrifice your men if you have to, and don’t let anyone near the transmitters.” I see some new faces  down in the jungle. This is the best the rebellion can offer? A Jedi padawan, Diala “Nice Lightsaber” Passil; a cocky smuggler Jyn “Smug” Odan; a veteran Bothan renegade Mak “Too old for this” Eshka’Rey and finally a warrior wookie Gharkaan “Furball”? They stand no chance against the infinite might of the empire.

The wookie eyes the Stormtrooper nearest to him, and as the heroes deliberate if that is indeed one of the transmitters behind that probe droid, he interrupts their thoughts and charges through to the trooper.

Not a very quiet creature, this one – the Stormtrooper sees him coming and manages to block the ax with his blaster, as it comes down onto him. Another slash and the trooper barely manages to hold on to his life. Well done. “Don’t engage the wookie” I radio to the Stormtrooper group. They notice that Mak is wearing the least armor and align themselves as a squad to fire upon him. The blaster bolts pierce the thick air and Mak is heavily hit. He falls to the ground, as the troopers spread out. “He’s wounded commander”. Jyn helps Mak to his feet, re-assuring him and reminding him that they need him. Her eyes glisten with revenge and her deadly pistol makes short work of two troopers. Diala advances towards the terminal, completely dodging the Probe Droid’s attack – maybe this Jedi is not so weak after all… Her friends are in for an explosive surprise though. The droid failed me, probably a factory dud, but it can still be of use. Jyn and Gharkaan scramble as it approaches them. They recognize the countdown sequence. A loud bang. Shrapnel flies in all directions but the rebels are lucky to dodge most of the damage. “Useless junk…” I snarl to myself.

The way to the terminal is almost clear now, just one officer and a stormtrooper left to defend it. The rebels manage to cut through my forces and leave the transmitter in pieces. A final trooper begs for his life by the door to the outpost. Jyn’s blaster sends him flying, and Diala closes in to get the door open. As she does, the four heroes tense up, expecting the worst to be waiting for them inside. The large atrium is quiet though, not a soul inside. A beeping transmitter is nearby and Diala inspects it, confused by the silence. “The terminal is reinforced, check if there’s more around the corner. Jyn heads over to the storage room and confirms two terminals are there, heavily reinforced with protective plates. As all the heroes but Mak enter the Outpost, my rage builds.Where are my units?!

They should be there to cut these Rebel scum down. I leave my control room to investigate and look down the Main Reinforcement Tunnel.  There they are, three Stormtroopers and an officer even, chaotically trying to re-assemble… is that the E-Web that’s lying in pieces on the ground?

The officer glimpses up and sees me. He shouts some orders at the troops and they quickly manage to load the weapon on the Engineer. Before I can even unleash my anger, they have gone through the tunnels. Fuming, I return to my control room, let’s hope these terminals manage to complete the transmission in time, not much longer to go.

The rebels are startled as my troops finally appear. The E-Web sets up his tripod as fast as he can, but nobody is left in the atrium by the time he finishes. My Stormtroopers are less flustered and manage to wound Jyn and Diala as they are completely focused on the terminals. Together with the Imperial Officer directing them, the troopers move with elegance, positioning perfectly like their Squad Training taught them, then returning to the terminals to defend against the rebel attacks. They grow weaker though, as Gharkaan manages to hit both the transmitter and a trooper at the same time with each attack. A final wave of blaster fire leaves him heavily damaged. The transmission is almost complete “Watch out for Mak” I yell through the comms. The wounded Bothan has made his way sneakily through the atrium and now stands between the E-Web engineer and Gharkaan. “Finish the wookie! He is the last one standing!” The Engineer cannot see him, the scum are blocking his vision to protect the wookie. That terminal must hold Gharkaan’s attack. I’ve put the Rebel’s in a tough spot… they can either risk Gharkaan’s life and let him hack the terminal to pieces, or they gamble and leave the terminal to one of the wounded.  Against his own will, the wookie steps back from the terminal and cares for his injuries… Now there is no chance to defeat him.

As time almost runs out, Diala and Jyn crawl to the final terminal, their attacks are weak though and I can see the transmission is almost complete. Before Mak can make his way over, his ears perk up to the sound of the Emplacement Weapon’s generator.

The shots hit him hard in the chest. The only remaining hope for the rebels is now on the ground, coughing blood. The Engineer readies for another barrage, Mak’s hairs stand on end but he bravely turns to face the trooper, and his own defeat.

The barrel begins rotating but something doesn’t sound right. The generator whizzes loudly, and as the Engineer inspects it, he accidentally pulls the weapon off target. Mak’s eyes open to see a distressed trooper near the smoking weapon. On the ground next to him are a large number of smoking craters. “That would have been the end of me…” Mak says with relief. He makes his way through the bodies on the floor and reaches the terminal. With his last remaining energy, he rams his rifle into the protective casing of the transmitter, and fires. Loud mechanic churning and electric beeping can be heard, before a long tsssss.

Almost… almost completed the transmission… My remaining forces hastily retreat out of the outpost, as I make my way down to the shuttle. I vow that this was the last time my troop’s incompetence compromises my mission.



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